Where Can I Cut My Teeth Off-Road?

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Sep 21, 2005
Olathe, KS
Anyone got some good suggestions on a good place to do some light to moderate wheeling in KS? I've never really done any trails yet so I need to find a place to familiarize myself with the 80 and off-road driving in general.

The closest I've come to off-roading was Guanella Pass near Georgetown, CO in my Mazda (and nearly tearing the front of the car off!). The only other time even remotely off-road was through a muddy field in Garnett, KS in my old FX4 Ranger.

I'm aware of Tuttle, but from the pics I've seen, its a bit out of my league right now unless there are some easier trails. I have a preference for KS because I'm pretty familiar with most of the state, MO and NE frighten me :D .

66fj40x2 said:
Tuttle has everything from mild to wild man. I'd hit Tuttle!

Agreed...don't be tempted by Kansas Rocks...it is too tight for wagons. I found it tough to get the 4Runner through. I was always just inches away from body damage.
Tuttle's can be hard if you make a point of it, Mike's avatar being an example of this. There are also plenty of trails where the most damage you'll get is pinstriping, but there's still hill climbs and places where you need to watch placement on a stock truck on some of these trails. The times I've been out there were in a stock 4runner and a stock LX w/lockers.
As a next to fellow novice I too recommend Tuttle - I recommend even more to go with the club, as they watch over you very well and are patient enough to travel the easy to moderate trails with us novices and are willing to help come any mechanical or crawling trouble. Just don't follow Chris or Eric.

Little Red said:
Just don't follow Chris or Eric.


Especially if Chris declares it as a "no locker' day. That's his way of suckering you in ;)
Awesome, thanks for all the advice everyone! What nice too is my girlfriend is KSU alum, so she wouldn't mind going to Manhattan every now and then.

Going to be wrenching all weekend on about a million things getting the Cruiser ready for the trails, at least mechanically that is (no mods done yet, and probably not until I get the Mustang sold, wanna buy it? :D).
If you've never been then Please go with the club.. Many of us will offer to let you ride for a bit then get into your vehicle with you and help. We can also take the bypasses and let you watch the action till you are comfortable. Don't just go out alone as you can easily get in over your head the first few times out. It's meant to be fun, if you go out on your own and get scared or hurt or damage your vehicle then it's probably not ever gonna be fun again.. So go out with the club, have fun, relax let us help you become addicted.. And they all say don't follow me or Chris but we can easily let you ride on the hard stuff. or we can also take it easy all day long..
i'll second that....jake and i have ridden twice.....with mike and with rob....some stuff very scarey to me...but these guys know their machines.....or at least pretend real good...jake on the other hand....loves it and cant wait for the next club event.....hell he just wants to get his 40 on a trail....and wants mike to ride with him.....he thinks i'am to lets say conservative.....so listen to eric...it's good advice

some really dark sunglasses will work just fine....after awhile the yellow starts to grow on ya....no wait thats overspray i have'nt gotten off yet!:eek: ...jake can hardly wait for you to ride in his truck...we put the hood back on tonight...and the rear view mirror...little things he can handle...what do ya think mike will think?...if i have heard that once i have heard it a thousand times...i just tell him to be patient..ya right...and he can ask you himself...we will see ya at the meeting...right?


__Wonder why?________________
OK Wichita 4x4 Club has an outing to Tuttle February 11th. Usally get there bout 10 am.

I myself would not take a nice wagon there. But I have seen others Get Er Dun.

I say save yer coin and go to Silverton Colorado in Late July or August. Whenever they are having the run out there...

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