Where best to sell a freshly and highly modified 2007 Calif local Series 100?

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United States
I am her 2nd owner of just one year. Orig from Carlsbad, CA. Too many upgrades and refreshing to type here. Suggestions please how best to position.






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Post in in the classified section. You'll need to type all that stuff out as the pictures don't support "Highly modified" ... ie, street tires, factory suspension... I don't see any extra battery systems, sliders, skids, or roof rack...

The 07's pull a premium, but don't be surprised when you get some pushback on the mods... "highly modified" in these parts means you did a solid axle swap and are fully built (armor, lockers, gears, tires, compressor, lights, rack, drawers, etc etc etc)
Good looking baseline truck - the undercarriage especially impressive. Agree with somebody5's post above - the mud'dy audience here has some different reference points and will ask harder questions... you'll probably want to also expose to a regional or national non-core audience as well (so interior pics and features needed) - I did get some valid responses from CL by being patient and selective responses. Mileage? Looks like a timing belt change at 198K? Good luck with sale.
Wow, really clean. Miles might be a little higher than the Bring a Trailer norm but that's still likely the best place for it.
Just bumpers and a winch = *mildly* modified. What are we missing?
Looks very clean and crisp. Mods seems all good quality too! I would talk to CarsAndBids.com or bringAtrailer.com. Nice clean 06 and 07 seem to fetch $30K plus these days on the auction sites.
Good undercarriage paint job. You put effort masking things off.
IH8Mud. Where (mostly) men ogle other (mostly) dude's undercarriages. But I agree it looks good down there. Seriously though if you want top dollar take a million pictures and throw it up on BAT. If you have a lot of patience, you can get good money on Craigslist, but it will take a while. I get Craigslist alerts and some of them I've seen listed and relisted for over a year now. But they will probably sell at some point when someone sees that it was "just posted an hour ago!" and has to have it before anyone else.
Just bumpers and a winch = *mildly* modified. What are we missing?
Triple lock. LRA aux fuel tank, under plating, hp rotors, ceramic hp brake pads, OEM reman calipers, 4x4Labs f/b bumpers with spare tire and water can attachments, Gamiviti steel roof rack (4 attachments each side), Warn Zeon 16000 pound winch, B&W hitch. Base stuff, all OEM, all new or reman by Toyota, AC compressor and condensor, radiator, hoses, belts, cat back exhaust, starter, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, tranny pan gasket, AHC rear shocks, all rubber brake lines, O2sensors, speakers and covers and major service by dealer. Add: cabin air filter. Bummer, 2nd and 3rd row seats, attachments, ancillary stereo crap and carpet all chucked. Weighs 6000 pounds plus or minus. Holds 50 gallons of fuel. Tires: Yokohama Geolander AT stock size. Two spares. Obviously all fluids refreshed with OEM. Photos of interior to follow. All mods and updates since purchase 7/2020 at 196k. Most of mods by Valley Hybrid, refresh by Freeman Toyota. QED
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I'd start here... However with those miles you might be in for a surprise of how little money you're likely to recover from the $Texas you've spent on maintenance at the dealership, and the mods. It may be more cost efficient to revert it to stock (bumpers/winch/rack, etc.).

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