When Toyota and LR won't sell me the vehicle I want....

Sep 23, 2013
Baton Rouge, LA
Enter the INEOS Grenadier. If they can prove out the BMW powerplant and the real world reliability comes back solid after a few years on the road and trails, I can't see myself buying anything else.

Modular railing, front and rear factory diff locks, a proper solid axle and suspension set up, no fancy electronic wizardry, pre-wired and switches for winch/light/fridge, can hose down the interior. I can't find anything wrong with this formula other than my general distrust of BMW engines, but we'll see I guess.

What do you guys think of this? Supposed to launch worldwide in '22, coming to the US. I've seen pricing around $65k a few times.



Admit it, your cruisers jealous
Dec 23, 2010
ottawa, kansas
The web site blows and without watching a movie gives no specifics on any of the vehicle besides car play mode and the fact they are not putting run flat tires on it and you get a full size spare.

looks a lot like a LR.....

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