When On The High Way The Truck Kinda Bogges When Im On The Gas

Jul 26, 2005
When Im On The Gas I Feel A Slight Bogg That Interment Does Anyone Know What The Problem Is, I Just Changed The My Plugs (iridium) And Pcv Valve But Does The Same Thing.


Feb 14, 2004
Sandia Park, New Mexico
I would recommend getting any codes pulled form your ECU and start there.
Also if you continually run bad gas it will “remember” the knocking that’s going on and pulls timing accordingly, possibly to the point that you are really starting to notice it.
Do you run regular unleaded all the time? Or use a cheap brand of gas perhaps?
If so, (after you get all the code info from the ECU) disconnect the battery for a bit to reset the ECU, and see if this helps.
If still giving troubles after that, check the base timing. Don’t ask me how, I haven’t had to do it on the LC yet.
Hope this helps
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