Wheels/Tires for 1972 FJ40 Land Cruiser

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May 26, 2010
Lake Butler, Florida
I know this must be a newbie question, but I didn't find this info in the FAQ so here goes...

I recently acquired a 1972 FJ40 Land Cruiser where prior owner replaced stock wheels with larger rims and some SuperSwamper tires. It sits a bit higher than I'd like as "the first step's a doozy" for someone with an achy knee.

Sadly, although the tires look new on outside and still haven't worn off the new tire "spiky" things, the poor car has been deprived of the road and there is rubber rot on them. Looks like they'll need replacing soon and if I'm going to have to spring for some new tires, I want to get back to wheels which are the same size as the stock wheels the FJ came with in 1972 (but looking for an alternative to those charming gray steel wheels).

My questions are:

What size wheel did the 1972 FJ40 originally come equipped with?

If I covert brakes from drum brakes to disc brakes, will the car stop with considerably less force applied to the pedal than the existing drum brakes?

Will a wheel that is the same size as the 1972 FJ's originals fit with both the existing drum brakes and on the same spot if I convert over to disc brakes?

Where's a good place to find the wheels at a cheap prices?
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The 72 had 15x5.5 grey wheels with like 3.3" back space. I think it was like 75 or 77 they went to the white spoke wheels that were 15x6. You need at least 3.5" BS or the tie rods will rub. Here is a link to some unpainted spoke wheels. 15x8 3.5"bs. They will work great as they are designed just for the LC and can be whatever color ya want.

Steel Wagon Wheel Unpainted 15 x 8 [CR-400] : Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land Cruisers for sale
Welcome. Check the FQA section, all your wheel questions will be answered. Ugly gray wheels?!!! I just got rid of spokers for a set of those "ugly gray wheels" with hubcaps. I feel your pain with the bum knee. I'm getting a new one in Nov. Too many years running up and down mountains chasing furry critters to eat.
come on guys..let him edit that part.... Originally Posted by FJ40Tiger View Post
(but not the ugly gray steel wheels)....before he show up the bezel that are upside down also.....cheers from Orlando,Fl. well the best rim its the GRAY steel rim if you want a stock look and with no power steering you will feel the love very soon.....

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