Wheels for 2000 LC - where to shop

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May 16, 2009
San Diego
I recently bought a 2000 Land Cruiser and it's great thus far. I wasn't sure how much I would like it because I'm used to older Land Cruisers (FJ55, FJ62), and I like trucks to be trucks. The good news is that I am happy with the purchase. The bad news is that it came with 22" wheels with low-pro tires - not really my style - and I am having a hard time finding wheels that look good (not too flashy) and fit right.

Any advice on where to look? I've looked at tirerack.com, Discount Tire, Sears online, Evans tire, thewheelconnection.com, and some others. The best wheels I found are on tirerack.com - some Dick Cepek's for $99 - but the offset on them is only 13mm and they are 17x9 (compared with stock 16x8), so they will stick out too far, which I think might look a bit ridiculous.

Anyone live through a similar experience?
Personally I like the stock wheels. I havnt considered where to buy aftermarket wheels. If you want a set of stock wheels I found angood company who sell reman. OEM wheels.
I would do Craigslist in large metro areas. Look for ghetto mafia clowns selling their wheels to help pay for the 22's on their '99+ LC/LX or '06+ Tundra.

Seek based on distance and price, you'll want to see them before buying.

Be patient, lurk, and then strike like the dreaded cobra.
I believe the Tundra's are 07+. 06's were still 6-lug.

There are so many Tundra wheels for sale. You should be able to find factory take-off's with tires for ~$5-600.
Where are you located? I had kind of the same deal. Bought mine with a set of 9 X 20" wheels on street tires and changed 'em out for 2007 Tundra stock 18" alloys ($400 on ebay) and Cooper Zeons. I have the stock 16" wheels also ,near Jackson ,Ms.
I'm in San Diego. Thanks to all for posting - good thoughts.

I'm in San Diego too and am planning on switching my OEM wheels over to a set of black wheels I've got in the garage. When I swap the wheels, I'll have a set of OEM's to part with. Maybe we can structure a win-win situation.

The place I went to was Detroit Wheel and Tire. I checked several differant companies but this particular company had hundreds of positve reviews so I felt I could trust them.

I have 18 inch wheels that came with the truck but I wanted 16 inch wheels. With 16 inch wheels there is a larger selection of tires and they are cheaper too. You end up with a taller sidewall too which is a plus depending what youre looking for.
02 Beast! That's a great deal for those wheels. Free shopping and center caps. Can't really beat that as long as the wheels are in decent condition. Center caps would cost bout 50 from eBay with shipping plus about 20 a wheel to ship. Not bad.
I was thinking about getting them and powder coating them, so I have a black and chrome set. Too many other things I "need". :rolleyes:
I was thinking about getting them and powder coating them, so I have a black and chrome set. Too many other things I "need". :rolleyes:

I read your signature so I did a quick search to take a look at your truck. Sure is a nice truck. Looks like the same thunder cloud color as mine. I think you should powder coat those wheels.....itll match your bumper and sliders....AND I can see what it looks like ;)
Thanks!! As soon as my front bumper and sliders get here, I will save my "allowance" from the :princess: and do some powdercoating. It is in the plans. :beer:

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