wheels for 1985 fj60

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Jul 17, 2012
I'm having trouble finding a wheel that works for my 33x12.5x15's. Not enough clearance for dynamic balance, therefore i'm using balance beads which are great other than they don't balance until after you get past about 38 mph. Don't want to have to buy new tires was hoping to get a set of rims that allow enough clearance for dynamic balancing. Current rims are black powder coated aluminum wheels with 3.5" offset. Any suggestions?
There are a lot of guys running 2.5 bs or spacers. What balancing system are you using? I am assuming its a beed oil filled setup or something? whats the depth on it? and most important why the heck do you need it with only 33" tires? run some lead and call it good.
I have some form of the cheap American Racing-type wagon wheels in either 8x or 9x15 with 3.5" back spacing. Running 33x12.5/15 BFG MT's and plenty of lead on the rim.

I've actually thought about swapping to balance beads. Wheel balance is of little concern below 40mph.
I measured my wheels just a few weeks ago and I was shocked to find they had only 4" of backspacing. The wheel weights would hit the TREs though, so I used a 1/4" spacer. Now I know why.
i have the same tire size currently....33*12.50*15 and I'm running one of the black steel rock crawler wheels with 3.5 BS. THe problem is right near the center diameter of the wheel where it seats against the front brake caliper does not clear properly.... maybe .25 or so (i'm guessing). I've just run some spacers for now. So what I'm saying is that even with 3.5 BS the wheel design may not clear the caliper properly even then. I don't have an issue with weights or other clearnace issues.
There have been lots and lots of wheel threads posted over the years with pictures and part numbers.

Steelies are available with the correct 3 3/8" back spacing but their spokes tend to hit the caliper and need a 1/4" spacer. Mickey Thompson Classic II's have the correct backspacing and clear not only the stock calipers but also the 4 Runner mods. They come in either anodized black or polished aluminum (no clear coat).

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