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Mar 31, 2006
Bentonville, Ark
Anyone up for some wheeling this Sat?
Where are you thinking?
Open to anything, just have the bug.
Bentonville mall?? Thats where you mostly wheel isnt it?
Wow, sounds interesting. The mall? Are there any winching points?

I have a charity ride that I attend every year on Saturday 8-12. I don't think I will be able to make it. Moma is getting pretty uncomfortable these days.
Bentonville mall?? Thats where you mostly wheel isnt it?

Unfortunately, yes that has been the extent of my adventures.

Thad you mentioned some new place to wheel, was it by Eureka Springs? ? ?
Oh, I will say the last time I went wheeling (tx), I didn't see anyone there that is talking in this thread, except for Marty!
OUCH! Sticks and stones!

Unfortunately we already have plans for Saturday. I think we are going to the mall:lol:

Just kidding....we do already have plans though.
I need to check with Sissy and see how she feels. She is having surgery maybe as early as next week. If she is up for it maybe we can go somewhere.
Have a good time, might be just as muddy as Gilmer was!

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