wheeling trip

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Jan 7, 2006
anyone wanna go 4 wheeling this weekend?
there is a place about 5 mins from my house.
It is thr same place that I was talking about at the meeting.
sorry to hear about your pump.
I was thinking sunday
maybe we should try and give the non computer savy a call?
If mine is not done I will aquire Erics.
Someone should bring a digital camera to post some in action pics
ok. my dad just called and he wants me to help him tomorrow (saturday) what day did you want to go?
Ok, I'll suggest Sunday 2pm. Meet @ PJ's?

I gotta work Sun. morning to make up time I took off to fix my furnace (gotta save up vacation time for CMCC--I'm low.)

I can bring a camera.

I cannot call the others; can either of you?
OK heres the deal
there are two ways to get to the trails.
one is the way that I told you about
the other is a trail off of a one way street.
both are highly visable.
both trail heads are not posted.
would like to keep it that way.
so if we could stagger the entrents to the trails it would be a good thing.
walked the trail head that I told you about yesterday because of a tip that is was blocked.
IT is , by a large hunk of rail road track.:doh:
This will need to be moved before everyone starts down the trail and halfway in we are at a standstill in the open.
This is why I think a departure time of 1200 would be better.
my 0.02

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