Wheeling on Saturday?

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Feb 19, 2008
San Antonio
Anyone up to go wheeling on Saturday? Maybe an expedition trip up at Boulder Creek or Trees? I have a guest coming in to town to help me with a software upgrade for work (tomorrow night). I think he'd like a day on the trails....that's if his AA flight doesn't get grounded again.
I'm out for Saturday. I've got to catch up on stuff from last week.
Out this weekend - I need to get my connector rods for my Tie Rod Ends installed.
Hoping to head to Kevin's grandpa's shop to get it done.
Then go back to Brake CHeck to get it aligned again.

Then Sunday it is our weekly trip to the homestead to view the build and do some eating and hanging around New Braunfels.
Looks like it will be beautiful this weekend. I'm up for anything outdoors.
Well, there was sorta a wheeling event on Saturday/Sunday.

Too much FUN!!! I think we have a new convert....


:bang: Must.. be.. to..yo..t..a..

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