Wheeling in Madison This Sunday, 3/19?

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Jan 15, 2005
Alexandria, VA
So, who wants to go back out and make it 2 weeks in a row!?!?!?!

I posted a thread in the main trail rides section here https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=83673

So, post up if you're interested. I figured we'd run the Conway River trail and do Devil's Ditch, too. Although, I know I can't make it up that hill climb.

For those of you that haven't been, here's a page with some links to pics of the last time I went.


FYI, if you can't make it this weekend, there's another group going down there on the 25th. Check out the thread in the main rides section.

I think i might pass. i want to go following weekend. have fun!
Why not make it three weekends in a row?!?


You should probably post up n Burl's thread if you're planning on going on the 25th. I think he's trying to get a sense of the numbers.
I could wheel on Saturday, too, if anyone's interested.

John, build it on Saturday and wheel on Sunday! ;)
I got your call last night... I was going to give john a hand this WE. depends on when he wants to work. sun. might work if we get it done in time...
Sounds good. I think I've got at least one other guy who's interested in going Sunday, slickrok who posted in the other thread. Plus, there are some TTORA guys who're wheeling and camping in the GWNF who might swing over to Madison on Sunday.

I'll let you know when I've got a meeting place and time worked out.
Slow is good. It helps avoid mistakes, and gives one a chance to think things through.
So how was it? Any pics?
Here's my story as written to Sebastien in an email just now:

All-in-all, it was great. We had beautiful weather, and I was able to find my way through the trail well enough.

The only hiccup was on our way out of the trail, after I'd aired up and unlocked the hubs. I went over the smallest bump, and the truck died. I assumed it just stalled, so I turned the key - nothing. I popped open the hood and saw sparking and smoke. eek.

The metal piece that holds down my battery had come loose and was sitting across the positive and negative terminals. I grabbed a stick and shoved it between the metal piece and the neg terminal. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the positive terminal actually melted away a bit. I had bits of molted metal all over the plastic casing of the battery.

I was sure I killed my whole electrical system, but after a few jumpstart attempts it fired up. I was able to drive it home, but my battery is toast. Hopefully, I just need a new battery.

The only other weird thing is that after the battery incident I started to get a series of backfires during acceleration. Hopefully, that will go away with the new battery, but if not I'll need to start checking the ignition system to see what I killed.

As for the Defender 90, it seemed to do pretty well. The driver (who usually drives a flatbed mini truck on 35s) complained about really poor visibility, but that was about it.

I didn't get any pictures because my camera died, but Chuck's going to email the shots that he got.
Was Chuck/slikrock driving the D90?

Sounds like you're ready for an Optima Red Top!
Yeah, Chuck was driving his friend's D90 with her in the passenger seat. Though, she did drive it a bit. The only real problem it had was that the stock running boards took a beating. One actually broke where it had rusted pretty bad. They gave their lives to save the rocker panels.

As for the red top, is it really worth all the hype (and cost)? Is there a cheaper battery that's worth a damn?
Speaking from a personal standpoint, yes. I've had nothing but good luck with it. It's 5 years old and still quite strong. I've heard stories where the alternator crapped out, and the battery was the only thing keeping the vehicle running. That's hearsay, though.

You could always go to battery warehouse and get a Delco Remy w/800+ CCAs for less though.
i rolled my 62 two sats ago in a local spot here in baltimore. The back fireing you are getting when your driveing is from there not bein enuf electric to let the enigine and electronics to fire properly.

When i floped my 62 it was on it side a couple hours half the fluid in the battery had leaked out of it. Anyways long story short the altinator aint chargeing now and on the way home i needed three jumpstarts. Every time the juice in the battery got low the motor started backfireing and poping and giveing me a ping.

IF you replace your battery and it never happens again if you still have it tell me what ya did to fix the propblem cuz i cant find out why im not getting a charge out my altinator now.

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