Wheeling for the wounded

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May 14, 2005
Scottsdale, AZ
OK, a few people showed up and I think it was the biggest event I have seen in a while except for the round up.

People that showed up in our group.

Brian,Racheal, and family ( with two forties mark it down both being at the same event not broke)
Bob or Bobby (depending on how he is dressed cali or tx clothes)
WL and Marry
Mat for the day


Jason and family
Paul showed up after his shift at the firehouse with Manny
Trees ranch bunch

It turned out really good and we all had a good time, Handing out packages, pining the solders and giving them place mats that marble falls school kids made was a good experience for my family. Taking the solders out was great. we had so many volunteers that there were way more seats than military. The fly over was cool it was an old WWII fitter.

My family and I canceled everything we had going on this last weekend and it was well worth my time to thank the military for keeping us free. IF you are or ever have served this country, THANK YOU........

I hope to post some pics and video soon.
Jason, it's alway great hangin' with you guys. This was a really good thing to participate in, if it happens again next year, count me in. I had a really good time with Brian, Rachael and the kids, Bob (or Bobby which ever), Dennis, Mike and Matt. I was amazed at how many trucks and people showed up for the event, it was inspiring. Great friends, great people, great time, great cause. I will say, I had more fun watching Jason on Gage's four wheeler, that was very amusing (something about Drunk Monkey's and footballs). Mary had a good time hanging with your wife, they sem to get along great, and, by the way, do have several things in common. See ya'll next time!!!!

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