Wheelin' this Saturday 2.21

Dec 25, 2004
86 miles from Elwood, Texas
Anybody up for checkin' out this place-
Tennessee Off-Road - Crazy Horse Extreme Off-Road Park - Home
We're out from Texas, visitin' the inlaws 'n stuff. I brought out the 4runner and figured on hittin' some trails with Clutchee. Well, Clutchee done got himself payin' gig, and bailed for the weekend.

Anybody wanna check this place out with me and the wife? It'd be a day trip for us.
May 23, 2004
Chattanooga, TN
DWB...PM me for details, but I think most of us are arriving that morning so it'd be perfect for ya'll to come on down. We're spending the night, but heading back to Nashville shouldn't be too bad.

It might be possible for you to caravan down with either Marius or one of our other nashville guys...

And Clutchee...Have fun, get some cash and send Ashley on Saturday!
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