Wheel the 80 or 40?

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Jan 15, 2005
Alexandria, VA
Disclaimer: I have almost debilitating Land Cruiser Indecision. Also, I'm long winded.

It's likely that within the next couple years, I will sell the 40. I need better daily driver than the 80, so I'll be getting rid of one cruiser or the other, and the practicality of the 80 is too great to ignore.

This sale has been postponed somewhat because my wife just took a job where she'll be traveling 80% of the time, leaving her car to me. But sooner or later, it will happen.

The insurance check resulting from the recent accident is such that I can put a rear bumper and tire carrier on the 80 and have an OME heavy lift installed. My thought is that since the 40 isn't totally beat to hell, yet, I can move it to sunny day driver duty and wheel the 80 instead. That way there will be something left for me to sell when the time comes.

For those who've wheeled with me, am I crazy? Will I be happy in the 80 on the trails?
Hmmm, sounds like you already made your decision (80) ;). But, seriously and not knowing the condition of, or current modifications (lift, tires, armor, lockers etc..) to the FJ40. Option #1: You could take the $ you got for the 80 and get used bumpers and put the rest into FJ40 trail worthy modifications. Option #2: put all the money into the 80 and wheel it... as long as your willing to put up with the dents and scratches that come from wheeling a big rig. If it doesn't already have them, I highly recommend sliders on the 80, it does much to stave off rocker damage and door dents from pivoting on trees and rocks and such.

The 80 is a fun wheeling rig, especially when carrying excess gear and family. I did feel like I was cheating a bit wheeling my LX450 at times since it was so easy to climb and descend without worrying about stalling.
Thanks, John, that's my thought, too. Although, to be honest, the 40 would remain less damaged rather that UNdamaged. One fender is already dinged and I have a crease in each side if the tub.

Stump, (btw, is that your last name?) yeah, I guess I have. I guess I just wanted to hear from anyone who moved to an 80 and regretted it. As far as the trucks go, the 40 currently has a shackle lift, 32" TSLs, sliders and a rear locker; the 80 is stock, factory lockers, 295 Nitto Terras.
Stump is merely my nickname, that I've had for 20 years now. I think more people know me by my nickname than by my real one, plus it less confusing as there are a lot of Mikes around.

I enjoyed wheeling my LX450 and have no regrets about wheeling it, especially during snow runs (I think with BFG AT tires, I think the 80/LX450 is one of the most capable vehicles in the snow). I just really like wheeling the FJ40 and built it up to be my primary wheeling rig.

Good luck with the mods to the 80, I think you will not regret making it your primary wheeler and I look forward to meeting you at one of the club meetings.
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Join the Wheelin Wagons Felix you know you want to lol we can pick lines out one for me one for you Haha

Hope to see ya at CMCC (with the Wagon) bring bourbon preferably Woodfords it will help you decide !

Brother Burl
Can you post a couple pics of your 40, I had it in my head it was green but I see you have/used to have a white one.
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I agree that it seems you've already decided. Mad jacked up 80s are bad ass! Plus wagons are nice and cushy. You may need to change up your wheeling style a bit ;)

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