Wheel Spacers, why aluminium only

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May 2, 2007
Hello people

Probably is a stupid question, but why the wheel spacers are made only in aluminium, why not in steel, what happen with the aditional weight of the steel, what parts could be damaged??

A lot of questions... sorry

Thanks for your answers
aluminum is easier, quicker, and cheaper to machine.

It's also more than strong enough, no reason for steel. Less rotating mass is generally better, too.
Aluminimm doesn't need to be finished either. Steel would have to be plated or painted to keep from rusting. The additional weight wouldn't be that big of a deal.
Any half competent machinist in NZ should be able to make some for much less than it would cost to ship from the US...
Check out trademe - there are a few dealers who will make to order - or try genie4x4.com - not cheap though

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