Wheel spacer/adapter pics wanted

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Oct 14, 2007
Fargo, ND
I want to widen the stance a bit and I'm trying to decide if I should go with 1.25" or 1.5" spacers. I have looked through all the old threads regarding spacers/adapters and there are very few pics of any use. Please post up pics that show how your wheels sit in relation to your fenders/flares. I have 285s on stock wheels, so ideally, I'd like to see some of that size wheel with adapters. I'm sure there are others who would find this useful as well. Thanks, Dan.
No one??? Help a brother out. It's a HUGE decision. 1.25" or 1.5"- there's a 1/4" difference here people.:grinpimp:

Here is a link to an old thread of mine after I had my 80 built at Slee's a few years ago. Maybe some of the pics will help...but our equipment is kinda different. :hillbilly:

315's with 1" spacers:
4-08 010 (Small).jpg
Hey thanks for the replies guys- and VERY nice rigs both!! Thanks, Dan.
4dmalamute had some good pics in his "painted my wheels black" thread. think he went 1.5''
285's on 1.5" spacers
1.5 inch spacer.

IMO get 1.5" with 285's and 1.25" with 315's. I went 1.5" with my 315 Nittos, and it looks a little too wide to me. I also get a little rubbing on the bumper caps at full lock in only day to day driving. I really have noticed no difference in stability or ride quality. You can hear the tires more as they are now out of the wheel well a little bit. Stance looks better, just a little too wide for my taste.
Bad Azzz 80!

That is a VERY clean 80! great stance and look too!Unfortunately I have to sell my 60, which I had converted to coils with the Slee 6" lift, but came across an 80 that will get the lift and 37" toyos! good to see one exactly how high I want to be, with the tires too! Great job.:clap:
Let's see some wheel'in pics!:popcorn:

1.5 inch spacer.

not the best angles either...but

1) 1" spacer on AT 285's. stock alloys (pic from montana nate)

2) 1" spacer on MT 315's. stock alloys

id run the 1.5's esp for 285's. and 1" on 315s. i can still stuff 315s with the spacer and just get absolute minimum rub on the inner flare lip.

*edited 18 mos later..thought i had 1.5's. i only had 1".
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I will say that I think 37 13.50 with 1.50 inch spacer is too much. I rubbed before on my rear panhard mount and when turning rubbed my front control arms without spacers. With the spacers I rub the fender flares and would probably rub the fender if the flares weren't there. But its not enough to make we give up these tires. I love them. I was in about 2.5 feet of water there.
Well, I went with the 1.5" from All Pro Offroad. They were on sale for $138 for all four. I think the 1.5" is the way to go with 285s FWIW. Here are some before and after shots. Thanks for all the replies, Dan.
IMG_2355 (Small).jpg
IMG_2361 (Small).jpg
IMG_2362 (Small).jpg
Are spacers necessary with 315s?
here I am, deliberately bumping an old thread -

While these wide stances LOOK stellar and surely provide a wider stance and all its benefits, I am worried about one thing. On vertical compression, like going over speed bumps, the tires are now wider than the fender/flares. Couldn't this cause a nasty rub/bump?
You'd have to hit that speed bump awful hard.

More likely to cause it is going over a whoop at speed (mound of dirt with a divot on the other side, the ones often used on roads to channel water off). But yes, they could contact if you hit hard enough (though at those speeds I'd be worried about breaking other stuff).

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