Wheel size question

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May 4, 2010
I'm a newbie so go easy on me! I also have a lot to learn--strictly automotively speaking--so please forgive me if I'm asking stupid questions. The posts that I've read on previous posts on the topic assume more knowledge of the basics than I possess.

I just bought my first fj40 (it's a '74). I'm going down to pick it up this weekend. It's in great shape and only needs minor improvements. One of the things that I intend to do is change from the current Chrome wheels to black Wagon Wheels. The current tires are in great shape (35 x 12) and the wheels are 15 x 12.

So here's my question--when searching for replacement wheels do I need to consider only the same size or can/should I consider other sizes? 15 x 10's? I'd like to use the same tires.

Also, the lug configuration is a 6 lug 5.5" configuration, correct?

Thanks in advance.
if you want the tire wide then keep the 12" wheels if you want to narrow the tire down a bit then then 15 x 10s will work .ive only run 10" wheels with my 12.50s but its your choice.
personally i would rock 15x8s,

many reasons why,

15x12s really, that is an aweful wide wheel. too wide imho
So, my tires would fit OK on 15x8's too?

Why would you prefer 15x8's? I suppose that's make the steering easier, as my new cruiser hasn't been converted to power-steering (yet). Would the narrower tires make the manual steering a little easier? What other benefits to a narrower tire?

Thanks for your repsonses.
Yes, a narrow tire is easier to turn. Some people like the narrow wheel with a wide tire so the tire will protect the wheel a little more, and when you air down it should help keep the tire on the rim a little more.


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