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Apr 26, 2003
Pimpin part in SanAntonio TX
HEY GUYS Joel at the SA store Chris has me settin up a customer run and Trees ranch for Labor Day and I wanted to let everyone know to come on out.... pricing is as set up by Trees, but we will be puttin on a raffle . We wanted to know what y'all would to do for a Sat night BBQ pot luck or something


sorry yes Aug30-sept1 I just wanted to let everyone know as soon as I started to plan
I for one appreciate the early heads up. My calendar fills up early :lol:
no worrys I was just messin back ... I hope everyone will make it out Tree is a LOVELY place with every thing from mild to wild
how many think they will make it tryin to work out food for the BBQ dinner Sat
Ill try to make it...its not a definite but its still a long time away. We might be going on vacate then.
went out to Tree's this weekend had a blast... talked to Bob and Trees ranch is limiting the run to 75 rigs so sigh up now before all the spots are gone .... also the food will be ordered on the number of people signed up the friday(week) before the event. and the raffle prizes are way sweet

See ya on the trail

ANybody want to go?
I'm interested. It sounds like we need to sign up early though! I think there is some interest from the Houston group.
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Going to pass...my bro is visiting that holiday week.

Nope, he is not into wheeling.
I'm seriously considering it but I'm not quite ready to sign up and commit the money. If I don't go to Tree's , I'll probably head down to the coast. Tree's is the first pic though. I'll make my mind up in the next few days.
I have alot of comited stuff from vendors but we have on hand now is Bestop Bikini Top, Windshield Chanel, Poweraid Spacer and Intake, $200 gift certificate towards purchase of Super Swamper tires and a box of t-shirts, Grant Steering Wheel and Installation Kit, SmittyBilt 8000lb Winch, Front and Rear Bumpers with a set of Fenders, Daystar 2” suspension kit, Winch Isolator and Jack Isolator, Volant intake and snorkle kit hats and shirts, Michelin hats and key rings, impactvideo's, Metaltech Beer glass set, lots of vender shirts and hats as well with more comin. One more winch for just a drivers raffle as well
Wow thats some pretty good booty! Im going to the coast the week after so we are most likely out unless gas comes down to $6 a barrel immediately.
If you can get a barrel of gas for $6 please pick up two or three for me. A barrel is equivalent to 55 gallons so that would mean the gasoline would be about 11 cents per gallon.

I think you'll be OK Josh, the trip to the coast is downhill so just put your truck in neutral and coast to the coast.

Is this some kind of family event at the beach or are you looking for trouble?

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