Wheel options for an '89

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Sep 25, 2006
7th Bomb Wing 9th Bomb Squadron (TX)
I am wanting to get an extra set of wheels for my '89 FJ62. I was considering some 16" off a '96 FZJ80 but have decided against it. I want either a 15" or 16" wheel in something of a spoke style but not a bunch of spokes. A 5 spoke design is what I have in mind in a steel or possibly a chrome wheel. I don't want anything too modern looking or "blingy" . I'd like to see what you guys out there are running that might be similar to what I'm looking for so pics will be very welcome. My only other option is a very simple steel wheel that kind of looks like what a lot of spare temp tires are mounted on. My LR has something similar in what is called a "NATO" style wheel...I guess what I am looking for is a very utilitarian look . Like I said, pics are very welcome !!!


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