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May 14, 2009
Ok....so I want to get a new set of wheels and tires for my 1970 FJ40. But I need help in getting the right combo and finding out where I can purchase them. I want a set of wheels that is either stock, or very similar looking. For tires, the truck has a 2.5" lift and I wanted to go with BF Goodrich 33 x 10.5 All Terrains. I dont want to screw this up and get stuff that doesnt fit. Help! :confused:
Call cruiserdan at American Toyota. Order new OEM rims and hubcaps. Wheels are about $70-$80 each and hubcaps are around $70-80 for a set.
As long as you keep asking I'll keep telling you I got my rims from Toyota.....

Do a search for steel wheels and see some nice pics of OG wheels and different tire sizes....
id go w/ stocks like both up the people above posted. and the AT's you posted. i have been running the BFG at's for 26k miles got a lil less from half tread

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