Wheel cylinder bleederplugs

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Nov 20, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden
Iam about to order new bleederplugs from SOR but there are two options , one called fine and other called coarse . Since i dont know the year on my axles i cant idenitfy them by date. Can anyone out of the pic tell me if this is fine or coarse? I guess they refers to the threads.
Thanx in advance
Do you have, or have access to, a thread pitch gauge? Using the gauge would help find out how many threads per inch you have. This in turn would help compare your threads to somebody elses bleeders and help decide if yours are coarse or fine threads.

If you count the number of threads on both pics it looks like 14 on mine and 9 on Longhunters it might be that your part is longer than mine though. Over here we only use the metric system and i dont have access to any tools to measure the threads but i will try to ask some friends

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