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Jan 28, 2007
Beaverton, Oregon
Yes I've searched but have not found.

Anyone gone with 16 inch wheels to get around the small number of wheels available with a standard 3.5" backspacing ( or using spacers) ?
As time goes on I see the old popular 15 inch sizes disappearing, or becoming more expensive than they should be ( 33-9.5-15 as an example) because of lower sales.

I got off track. If a 3.5" BS is required to run without interference on a 60 with a 15" wheel, what can you get away with on a 16" wheel.
Just curious.

Nov 5, 2008
I've had the same question. The interference issue is with the TRE, which runs just next to the bead on a 15" wheel with 3.5" backspacing. So, it should go without saying that a larger diameter wheel should be able to envelop the TRE and not rub. The 2 questions that follow are;
1. Is a 16" large enough to do this, or is a 17" necessary to clear the TRE?
2. If a larger diameter wheel clears the TRE, what's next to get in the way?
Jan 26, 2006
Hot Springs, AR
Summit racing has a Cragar soft 8 in a 16x7 with a 4 inch backspacing that works.

And there are at least 25 threads that I have posted this in so there are many threads on this topic....

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