Wheel backspace ?? Different wheels

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Jan 13, 2004
Montréal, Canada
Hello, I have 2 wheel with 3½" back space, 1 with 3¼" and 1 with 3¾. Can that all fit on a BJ60 ? And if I put the 2 3½ on the front and the other on the back ?? :-\
it would be alright if you had two of each, but 3 different sizes? Maybe for a spare...
The 3 3/4 may work in the rear, but not in the front. Just be sure that the two front are the same, the rear is not as important, but I might consider buying some new wheels, 3.5" BS wagons can be had for pretty cheap new or used.
Like CruisinGA said, I'd be sure the guys up front were matched just to prevent headaches like pulling to one side. The trouble you run into then is how to rotate your tires for even wear. A complete set wouldn't be too much $$$ if from ebay or the like.
in about a month im gettin new wheels for my fj60 and you can buy my stock ones if ya want..
thank you very much... but I live in Montréal Qc..... ;)
Are these all stock wheels? I'm surprised that the numbers would vary so much.

If you plan to rotate down the road, locate matching backspacing for them all....the 3-3/4 one will likely not work on the front axle without rubbing
No, there not stock wheels. I buy it very cheap (10$each) but there was different... So, I understand that I will have to buy 1 more wheel.

I suppose that will be correct if I have 2 3½ and 2 other with 3¼. No problem if I want to rotate it ?
"Proper" rotation calls for moving both rear tires forward and crossing the fronts. (assuming no spare) If you keep both fronts at one backspace and both rears at the other, you should be fine.

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