Wheel Alignment - who?

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May 7, 2006
Kelowna, BC
Who can recommend a good wheel alignment shop in Kelowna?
Thanks in advance
Recommendation for Vernon - Tireland, either location on 27th St or Hwy 6. Good service and helpful.

Integra Tire, Kelowna - Never used them for alignment, but did tire and wheel work for me. A friend used to work there, but retired a few years back.
I never hesitate to recommend Kelowna Transmission & Driveline. Not cheap but fair prices and the work is good/they stand behind it. Worth trying out for sure.
If you want to stay toyota - the Penticton shop will work on JDM
They worked on my HZJ73. You'll have to do you own legwork for parts and bring them the manual for your truck. Otherwise its like any other shop

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