What's up with my wipers?

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Sep 26, 2005
Inland Empire
I've searched here and didn't see anyhting in my FSM. Awhile back I had my whole wiper system out for a repair. The passenger side arm was not moving at all. It turned out to that the pin that goes through the linkages was loose and therefore the wiper arm did not turn. The fix was a TIG torch to the back of the pin to secure it place again. Took everything in the joints out so they would not get damaged from the heat. Every thing was put back together and worked great except that now I can not get the wipers back to their original pattern. After the cycle bottoms out the wipers come back up +/- 5" on my windsheild. My first thought is that the linkage connection to the motor was not indexed accurately enough and not put back in the original position. There is no adjustment left on the wiper arms, they pretty much bottom out and then go all the way to the edge of the windsheild. Any other ideas? Just looking for input before I start to take it apart again.
re wipers

I had a similar problem - after removing and reinstalling the wiper
assembly, the wipers wouldn't park at the bottom of the windshield,
instead they'd come back up an inch or two. Problem turned out
to be getting the correct alignment/matchup of the wiper motor output
shaft and the linkage. I didn't come up with a good way to make
it work, instead I did trial and error until it came out right.

There must be a better way. Anyone?? Anyone?
That's what I was thinking I'd need to do. Looks like I'm in for some trial and error this weekend. Thanks for the replies. Those stainless clips look like a good fix. I'll know soon if I need those too.

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