What's Up With My Heater?

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Dec 4, 2002
I've removed my front heater blower fan motor,it's toast (anybody got a spare). It seems that the rear heater should still get hot and work independantley of the front fan motor,but it doesn't.The rear fan does blow,but not HOT air.
The fluid line going INTO the rear heater seems warm. I flushed the rear heater lines before installing it, but the discharge line seems cold ???.
Any help, it's getting in the 30's this week :eek:
make sure that the little on/off valve about 6 inches shy of the heater is on, if the fluid seems warm then it should be heating but the reaer heater was never really affective at least mine isnt. Also about you heater fan motor contact planetcruisers out of colorado they will have your motor it will cost about 25 bucks + shipping.
Those rear heaters do work. You may have to have the heater core cleaned: you can rinse it out with muriatic (sulfuric) acid if you are so inclined.

So its getting into the "30s" there? It is 14 degrees here right now, and that is about 20 degrees warmer than it was here last week! Enjoy!

Hey Merc, how do you get ahold of planetcruisers? I just did a search on google and couldn't find them. My blower motor is getting poopy and I may need to talk to them.
IDave, muriatic acid is Hydrochloric, I believe. You don't want to use sulfuric. I used Paul Harvey recommended CLR, calcium, lime and rust remover. Took the core out and set it up ina plastic laundry sink and filled it with CLR, let it sit about an hour. Pour the old stuff out and use a garden hose with very LOW pressure to flush it, Blow it out with air, GENTLY, then refill with CLR, repeat until everything is bright and the water flows freely.
What are CLR, Ed?
Oh, Duh.

And you're right about the Hydrochloric acid.
Sulfuric is, I believe the only acid that will dissolve Gold, and therefore it is referred to as "aqua regia". A little scary to use on a heater core. The muriatic would probably work just fine diluted, but the CLR is safe and won't eat its way out the bottom. Think it is a mix of HCl and Phosphoric acid. Anyway, mine works like a champ. If you ever use a chemical flush on the cooling system, all the dislodged crab likes to find and stay in the heater cores first, then the radiator. Smaller tubes in the cores, I believe.
Ed Long :)
Same problem with mine, hoses get hot but not the heater. There is no valve 6" short of my heater (or anywhere else in the line)-just ran out and checked.
My rear heater blows nice and toasty. Also, it has it's own hot/cool selector--make sure it's set to "hot." I'm sure you've already done that, right? Right?

The only reason I bring it up is I spent a good portion of my first spring driving around with the rear heater blowing hot, until my daughter finally said "Dad, could you PLEASE shut off the heat?" :doh:
Skiing's lousy when it's 60 degrees this time of year!
Only the people that move here from out of state really ski. I am a forth gen native and I like the mountains in the summer. Nothing beats driving off into the mountains, finding a nice spot, smoking a stoogie and having a beer.
:doh:Boy,I feel STUPID :doh: I learned what the dash knob labelled "warm Pull" is for. I pulled it out,pulled the dash "fan Pull" knob out and now the rear heater works fine. :doh:
Jman,where's this hot-cool selector for the rear heater located ?
Also,where's this place that sells front heater fan blower motors for $25!
Iron Pig--my rear heater (87 fj60) has a knob on the heater itself, on the side that blows on the rear passengers' feet, that allows you to set the level of heat coming out the rear separately. The "rear heater on" switch on the dash needs to be in the "on" position, too. The first spring I had the truck I rode around for an entire June blowing heat on my kids without realizing it. :doh:

Guess your '78 is set up slightly differently, but seems like you had a similar problem. :doh:

[quote author=Degnol link=board=1;threadid=7524;start=msg63015#msg63015 date=1068824183]
Sulfuric is, I believe the only acid that will dissolve Gold, and therefore it is referred to as "aqua regia". [/quote]

Just 'cause I know:

Actually, Aqua Regia is a mixture of concentrated sulfuric and hydrochloric. Muratic is HCl as mentioned.
I stand corrected. Been almost 30 years for me, and I'm amazed at the bits and pieces I DO remember, although some evidently get a little scrambled. I know Paul Harvey endorses CLR, but that doesn't mean it's bad. We use it to clean autoclaves and it does a fine job. It sure removed the scale and crap outa my heatercore, too.
Ed Long ;)
check the toyota land cruiser association page classic cruisers is in there they are located in salida colorado

sorry sbout delay been outa town

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