What's This Noise?

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Nov 19, 2008
Wishing I was in Paraguay but currently in Oregon
For the last few days I have noticed a whinning noise coming from the front of my truck somewhere. Can't say exactly from where as it happens only when I am driving. The noise is starts when I accelerate and seems to mimic the movement of the front tires. As i speed up the noise quickens and as I slow down, the noise does the same. Could it be my wheel bearings? Thanks for all help.
Does it actually increase with vehicle or with RPM's? Identify that and you can narrow it down a bit. PS pump, tranny, transfer, waterpump, alternator, belts etc. will be RPM based, wheel bearings will be vehicle speed based.
It goes with the speed of the vehicle. If it is the bearings, how difficult is it to repack or replace the bearings? Is it something that a mechanically inclined person can do?

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