Whats this do?

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Jul 19, 2011
Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi guys,

I've just found this on my 91 SWB 70 with 12HT (not factory)and plugged it into where I thought it went, its got a vaccum supply and feed to somewhere on the fuel pump.

Just wondering what it does? Is on 3Bs , 13BTs and 12HTs that I know of might be of others

Pic to illustrate what I'm talking about , this is off a 86 70 with 3B

Few people I've asked aren't sure so hopefully you guys can help

Cheers in advance

I bet ya thats the vacuum switch for the air conditioning idle up. I know that's what mine is used for on my 3B
Cheers guys , I can go ahead and remove it. Makes the engine bay a little less cluttered , Thanks

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