whats the trick on these damn body bushings? (1 Viewer)

Jun 19, 2008
Ventura CA
I'm changing body mount bushings on my 81 FJ40. I got all the bolts out and jacked up the body a little but I cant get the two bushings in the wheelwell loose. The ones that just look like a donut, no through bolts.

They lifted up off the frame but they seem to be bolted or screwed up into the body. I have tried prying, chiseling, slipping a putty knife between the body and bushing, no luck. It is loose and will spin around but not come loose.

How the hell do you get those things to let go?

Oct 31, 2008
Napa Valley California
Thread needs reviving. I am installing mounts just as pictured. But it seems that the bolts are not long enough to catch the nut on the receiving plate. I ended up getting 2 bolts 1/4 inch longer to get it to work inside the tub (for position 4 in the diagram above). Since I had my underside and floor of my tub coated with armacoat it is a little thicker than just paint. I was able to get the 4 rear bolts in after having someone sit on the tub to compress it down.

My problem is the front side bolts (position 1 and position 2). It seems that even with the longer bolt I can't seem to get it started on the driver’s side in position 1 even without the washer. I got the passenger side installed. Position 2 is not catching on either side I was thinking of letting it sit for a day or two, tightening it down again and removing one bolt, putting the washer on and trying again.

Any suggestions on position 2. When I bought the 2 longer bolts, that was all they had last night. If I have too, I will get a couple more for position 2. I think with someone to weight down the body I can get position 1 installed.

Also, what are these for?
useless mounts fj40.jpg
Jun 4, 2009
New Smyrna Beach FL
They are not screwed to the body but just corroded together. Spray them real good with DB blaster. You will need to pry it apart. It is the shaft that goes through the middle of the donut part that is the problem. You might be able to cut them, but I was able to pry mine apart and get them off. Tooks one real work on a couple of them like you are running into. A picture would help a lot, the pictures above are from the early mounts not the big donut mounts used on the later model. Once you break the corrosion and get the bottom off them should come reight off since you said they are already loose.

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