whats the law on big bumper for a 60

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Jan 11, 2008
Im up here in bc. Does anyone who lives up here in this neck of the woods know how big of a bumper I can put on the rear of my truck? Like to make it long. but not long enough to sleep on LOL. Just thought I would toss this one out there. Nice to make a little compartment in the bumper for what ever.
I'm not sure there is a number set on that. I know there certainly are ground to bumper numbers. Take some measurements from some utility body work trucks if you come across any- I've seen plenty here in Va that easily stick out 14" from the rear box panels, which is plenty of space for storage and a vice, cone storage, etc.
Here in Ca I think there is a 4' "length" allowance before you need to put flags or lights...

As far as height.. at least here in Calif I know there is regulations for commercial vehicles.. but not for individual vehicles... that only comes into questions when you are being sued

I would say check with ICBC in your area.........

BTW my rear bumper is now long enough so I can actually step on it
I did some prowling on the Va state police website and found nothing regarding bumper depths, only heights.
Unless you go way over the top and cover up safety devices, I don't think you'll have a problem adding some depth.
Just my 2cents
whats the law on big bumper for a 60?

Around here, unenforced. There are height numbers, but no- one
does anything about it.

But we're a few hours south of you.

There isnt any real dimension for bumper length.

The only real laws involve lengths of a load past your vehicle.

For your intents and purposes, you can go a foot or two if you wanted, Ive seen this on some old GM campervans for coolers and propane bottles.

But your 60 already has a big ass on it so dont go too big.
Just consider your departure angle.

...and good taste, too, obviously...
a few months ago my buddy got pulled over, and the cops says to him: how come you dont have a bumper in the front? my buddy is like wtf?? did it fall off?? he gets out to check it out and points to his bumper. cops says hes gonna let him go with a warning (for what??lol)

ps. thats a warn bumper, its HUGE

this is my buddies truck

oh wait there theres the bumper

now look at his back bumper, and the cop didnt say a thing about that

true story
I wonder if he was joking with you :)

Wonder what the laws are for bumper length in vancouver bc.
That purple van is just weird. At first, I though it was a van, and some kind of low car next to it that tucked inside but guess not :)
The Australian design rules have limits for the rear overhang, measured from the rear axle to the rear most part of the vehicle (bumper included). I imagine it's similar in other countries.

A good example is a city bus. They usually have huge over hangs on the rear to accomodate the engine/transmission. If it's too long then it can swing over the kerb when pulling out presenting a pedestrian hazard.
I'm with everyone else. I don't think it matters how far off the back (since it's secured to the truck) but again, departure angle on these brutes kinda sucks as it is.

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