Whats required to get a new Valet key? (1 Viewer)

Sep 16, 2005
Ponte Vedra, Florida
If I go by the dealer with a good master key what is required for them to cut me a new Valet key? What should it cost?
Sep 15, 2005
I can't remember on the valet key, but to have a replacement master key you can spend a couple of hundred for a nice stock one with all the buttons or for about $40 you can get a generic one without buttons. Since there isn't a true trunk on the vehicle I don't see the need for a valet key other than to protect against future copies if you lose it.

The dealer has to program the new key for you, which they usually do free if you buy the key from them. Check around at a couple of dealers if you can as prices can vary substantially.



Edit: I noticed you are in Kanab so dealer choices will be limited. If you go to SLC for help use Mark Miller Toyota as theyare very helpful and don't overcharge like a few other dealers I've tried.
Sep 25, 2004
Gleneagle, CO
Talk to cdan for the key (PN 89786-60050 - $40) and program the key yourself with this Key Thread from the FAQ.

Why get a valet though. If you want a master without all the buttons you can use a Camry-style key for less $ than a valet.

By the book labor for the key programing is .5 hours x $85/hr = 42.50. Ask me how I know :mad:.

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