What's needed to mate a 1HD-T to a H55F?

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Aug 1, 2013
Eastern Shore, MD
I have a 90 FJ62 with 223K. I've reached the point where I want to swap out the 3FE for a more powerful engine. The 3FE ain't cutting it. I have already installed a H55F trans. Now I'm contemplating putting a 1HD-T in. The reason for this is I love the MPG, Torque and sound of a Turbo Diesel. Plus it feels wrong to put a GM V8 in a Toyota, even though I know this is a very popular swap.

My question is, what do I need to mate the 1HD-T to the H55F? What else needs to be added switching from Gas to Diesel? Anything else I need to add?
hp 3fe is 155, hdt is 165
torque 220ft/lb vs 265 ft/lb

best mpg over a 25 year period for hdj 60 series is 23 mpg, average 18-21 mpg (truck still on road in southern arizona)

lots of work for not that much gain.

V8 for power would be better.

(and I drive 1hd-t trucks)

There are a number of systems that will need adjusting from fuel line size - or walbro to vacuum to water cooling delivery lines etc.

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