Whats my 80 worth?

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Apr 10, 2014
hey guys i have to sell, just wondering what yall think its worth?

1993 fzj80 clean ca title
passes smog
chromo inners and birfs nitro
arbs front and rear
2wd conversion with hubs
3:1 marlin tcase gears
5.29 diffs
in cab cage
swing away rear are with tire mount, gas can, and fluids
custom 1 off tcase and tranny skid plate that is awesome
94 rear end with disc brakes
new brakes
new hub and knuckle studs all the way around
35's goodyears
interco wheels
light bar
new headliner
mastercraft front suspension seats
new inside carpet
tie rod and draglink upgrade from stock to 120 dom
winch warn 8000 with synthetic rope
new radiator and all hoses
phh is already delt with
red top batt with fitted batter box welded in
custom exahust that rerouted and put a new cat up out of the way of rocks
front sway bar drop brackets
2.5" arb lift with corrective bushings, adjustable rear track bar and upper links
all engine seals have been replaced in the front
new clutch fan
cold a/c that has been converted to 134 with new condensor
new alt
new belts
new ign wires
it has pin stripes in paint from bushes
cracked front windshield and headlights
radio doesnt work

all this work as been done in the past two years and gets drive once a week to work and only to the trails and back which is only a couple times a year. almost everything has been touched on the truck and is like new except motor and tranny. they have 300k on them and everything runs and drives great.

heres my build thread

Hobie Cheap Truck Challenge 80

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How many miles?
When was the head gasket replaced?

depending on some of those things, I'd say 8k- 12.5k
I missed that part.

If it was half of that with HG done recently and documented maintenance, I would say $12.5K - $15k.
You failed to mention the most important things around here; how many cup holders and does it have a console lock box?:hillbilly:
Even $8K is too high IMHO. Either way, it's worth what someone will pay you for it. Start at $7900 and be prepared to accept much less after the tire kickers have come and gone.
The parts alone, if someone would want to build a similar rig, would cost more than the lowest offer. Add the value of the truck and it should be above $10k.
I understand one cannot make his money back by building a truck up and reselling it. It does have some intrinsic value. People are picking up trucks in bone stock condition for about $4k - $5k.

It's not a 40th and it does have 300k miles, so I would argue it should be around $10k.
All other factors as I mentioned above (40th, 150k'ish miles, HG replaced, detailed maintenance records) and it could be easily be at $15k.
Well its a custom rig, and its been customized according to your taste. Your taste of a cool rig may not fit a perspective buyers taste. Nothing wrong with that, except you might not get as much out of it when selling. Also, 300k is going to scare a lot of people off. Im going to say 10k tops because of mileage. But I think it will take a while to get 10. I would think it would sell faster at 7 or 8. Typically I start off high when I list a vehicle, then lower until I start getting tire kickers I know I am close.
Why is I always hear, "I must sell" and "I have to get XXXX out of it" together.
value of truck + sum of all parts / 2= price of the truck.....which would be a really fair value! just my humble opinion.
California is a big state and vehicle values can vary significantly according to county, so where in CA are you located?
I've seen garbage 80's hardly good for parts rigs list for $700 and sell for over $3000 because jackwagons get into bidding wars because they have more money than common sense. I have also see similarly built rigs sell in the low $8k range with lower mileage when they were listed in the $16k range. It's all in what people are willing to pay you for it. If you don't have to move it fast you have a better chance at getting what you'd like out of it.

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