Whats its worth 82 FJ40

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Apr 12, 2009
Hi All,

I have a 82 OZ spec ( RHD ) FJ40 with original 2f and 4 speed , it has Factory Power steering and disc brakes . Its just had a complete body off rebuild, body has been media blasted back to bare metal and re-sprayed etc It hasnt been hacked about by any previous owners and is fairly original with 118k Miles , every thing works no leaks or any thing like that its been very well maintained

Its in Australia at the moment It pains me to sell it after all the time money and hard work thats gone into it but times are tough, Im just trying to find out what you guys think it would be worth in the US

Thanks in advance





Wow...drool, drool.....that makes my captains log tingle with anticipation!

Easily $10k or more.

I'll take it off your hands for $3k, just so you don't have to haggle with anyone!
Hard to say. Not premium money though.

Looks like some overspray with the paint job. Most notably the rubber hood rests have either been painted or oversprayed. Also the coolant overflow looks like it got a good shot.

Is that the original hood? The windshield rests/blocks are missing and one can't see the holes where they should be from that angle.

Also looks like it originally had ambi doors (hinge holes)?

Nit picky yes, but if expecting top dollar these are potential detractors.

I agree it looks like a nice rig and would happily own/drive it. But not for top dollar.

Good luck with your decision to sell or not. Big range as far as value goes.

If coming from Australia most would like a diesel with a 5sp or compound low 4 sp tranny.

More pics will get you a more accurate estimate.
Does anyone know what the make of that top is? I really like it and would like to know where to find one.
Fair call alkarich on the Hood rubbers, these are fully painted , have new ones on order but they have yet to show up. The coolant overflow is not original container and has been fully painted by previous owner so it was over coated just to tidy it up , Hard to find an original around here. .
The truck was all painted completely disassembled so there is no "overspray " . No sign of windshield rest blocks or mounts for them as the body was all taken back to bare metal and no obvious repairs to hide the mounts for them , original hood sound proofing etc intact , I presume this model did not have them , maybe an OZ spec thing or just the year I dont know.

Would have been a hard top with ambi doors from factory I think all the soft top conversions are local . The soft top is very well made.
I have put a fiberglass toyota replica drop down rear gate with toyota latches fitted so it looks more factory .
My plan was to convert this to a turbo diesel and 5 speed for a daily driver but , lack of funds is forcing me to sell . It would be easy to do as 2h's etc are easy to get here. How much more would it be worth as a turbo diesel 5 speed . Might be worth doing here for the buyer ?

Few more pics






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