Whats It Worth?

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Oct 16, 2006
Reidsville, NC
OK, I am a former 4runner nut just starting to look at some 40's and found one local to me and want some opinions. It is a 78 fj40 with original drivetrain, front and rear heaters, 4spd. The guy has replaced the front floorpan and rear sill area but it still has some bad rust spots over the fenders (rear) and some in the door jams and running boards. The hard doors have been redone and look pretty good, as does the hard top and rear jump seats.He also has several boxes of new parts such as lights mirrors and other small items. There is some rust on the frame but I didnt detect any rot. Tires and wheels are no good!! I took it for a test drive and it started right up and ran well, although engaging the 4wd was a little difficult. Vin plates in place and tranny shifted good and brakes were fair. He has it listed for $6k which I feel is way off, I dont mind paying a little more just because it is local but dont want to overpay that much. My plan for this 40 is not a resto at this time but make it a good dd and occasional trail rig. our opinions please, Thanks.
Yea, i thought of that after I looked at it but its listed in the local paper so i dont have any yet!!
I was thinking $3k tops which I am sure he will refuse!- Located in NC
Doesn't matter what you pay for it. You will tear it down to nothing when you buy it. Spend way more than you have to get it back together. And be proud of yourself when you done. Six months ago I had a nice full size T100 4x4, a 20 ft trailer, ATV's, and a dirtbike. Now I drive a $700 minivan, I have two rusted fj40's stripped to nothing, and a stockpile of new parts for them. (in other words I sold everything I possibly could to try to fund a restore) Good Luck. And yes I'm still glad I did it all.
pics are not helpful they are required 6k seems like the price those crazy assholes on the west coast pay.

lots of cruisers in TN and GA for 3-4

i bought mine from north easter tn drove it 8 hrs home w/no issues, body was rough but at the time it ran (now im rebuilding the engine but this is two years later) i paid 3500 and the top was 5 days old. (but it was a besttop so that only matters a little bit but add that 800$ top and 400$ fenders (still in the box) subtract that from purchase price.... yea 6k is way high. especially for something w/rust and some rot

OH! and we are talking about a day in time when gas has already shot up 10cents and will probably be @ 4$ a gallon again soon... people will once again be trying to give old 4x4s away like they were a few years ago

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