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I am looking at a 1974 FJ40 rig that has had lots of expensive upgrades done to it. It has air lockers and on-board air compressor, power steering, power disc brakes, 2F upgrade, 4.5" or so lift with 35" bead-lockers, nice rear tire rack and led lights, front brush bar with a 8274 Warn winch, very nice roll cage, skid plates and other goodies that I am surely leaving out.

Now the bad...
Looks awful, body has been cut to accomidate off roading, rust not bad but there is some in what is left of the body, missing front shock from the power steering conversion, rough running due to ?? carb??, battery is not holding a charge, rear brakes need rebuilting, motor seems to smoke a little but it has been sitting so I don't know if it will clear up or not.

Obviously, there has been some serious money tied up into this rig. What would something like this be worth? I am thinking about making an offer but really do not know where to start.

BTW...There are TONS of extra parts, tranny, diff, 3rds front clip, header, wheels, glass and much misc.

Please help if you can.


Apr 10, 2004

I would say start around $3500 to $4000. The rough running and the rust are deal killers IMO and signify the seller doesn't care too much to maintain a truck and therefore (again my opinion) doesn't expect top dollar.
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Mar 9, 2004
Diamond Valley, Nevada
Gearing? Wiring harness? Steering stabilizer is no biggie with the power steering upgrade - I don't run one at all. I'd say $300-$500 for rear brake rebuild with all new components or bolt on disc kit, cheaper if you source parts yourself. Body condition and rust - depends on what you want to do with the thing - probably not a resto candidate and you wont worry about rock damage.

I'd say $3000 - $4000 would be a decent selling price, although I'd probably only pay around $2500 myself. Pics would really help.

Good luck - check ebay from time to time and you'll see the difference between well built fully running rigs and "fixer-uppers" like you are talking about.
Jul 19, 2004
Olympia, WA
Also, if you check e-bay...check the "completed auction" area. It's located on the left of the screen. You will see what people are actually sellling like vehicles for.
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