What's in your truck?

Mar 27, 2003
This should be interesting! I'm off this weekend to run some trails with some other folks and I was thinking about what's in my truck, here's my list (in random order as it pops into my brain)

Secured against the cargo barrier
- Small T-handle recovery shovel (lovely little British thing)
- Jackall

In the storage drawer (my 1/2 width 'city drawers) and other cubbies
- 30' recovery strap
- 4 D ring shackles
- 10# fire extinguisher
- First aid kit with some extra 'stuff'
- Socket set
- 400W inverter
- Large rechargable lantern
- Roll duct tape
- spare fuses, wire, zip ties, etc
- Spare fan belts
- 'Fuzzy blanket'
- Leather work gloves
- Misc 'survival' stuff in ammo box (lifeboat matches, lighers, fire starter, survival candle, space blanket, knife, garbage bags, power bars, fuel tablet stove, mug, etc)
- ~4l water
- Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) tarp
- Jumper cables
- Rope, ratchet tie downs, bungies
- Depending where I am - bear bangers, pocket flares, etc
- Other tools and digital multimeter
- 4D mag and spare batteries
- SureFire E2 with spare batteries
- 'Escape hammer/knife'
- Hand cleaner
- Shop rags
- Axe (lovely handmade Sweedish thing)
- Air compressor
- Some other misc spare stuff
(no spare fluids or hoses :-[)
- Likely a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now

- Cobra CB
- Kenwood portable amateur radio + spare batteries + repeater directory and auto/phone patch codes
- Cell phone
- Maps and compass
- Hella map light

- Sometimes 20l NATO jerry can

Depending where I'm going (and the season), spare clothes, winter gear, Western Mtn sleeping bag, etc.

Oh year, wife, dog, twins, etc!
Mar 27, 2003
This is a good list. It covers everything you need to make yourself comfortable and warm. You would want these items for a camping trip and you have the emergency stuff for when things go wrong.

Make sure it's all tied down.

I am sure you will be well provisioned with food and drink, but I would have an emergency water supply in there too.



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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
I'm a skinny packer, and all my trips are day rides...plus I have the motorhome to keep track of the "Big" stuff.....my list, from memory, is:

In Cruiser:
Bag 1: 20' 2" strap, 20' 3" strap, tree saver, 3-4 screw clevises, snatch block, 18" stub logging chain

Bag 2: tools...thus far, every tool required to disassemble and reassemble the rig is in there, including wiring repairs. Has yet to let me down.

Box: Spares....two short side inners, PS pump, birfield, belts, hoses, heims, fluids, fuel pump, tire repair stuff, leaf pack center pins, spring bushings, spring bolts

Other: hi-lift, fire ex, duct tape, Mag light, GPS, CB, first aid, spare tire, rain gear, spotter ropes (2), winch remote, spare longside front, spare rear d-shaft, cooler with water/soda/lunch

Box 1: starter, bungees, tie downs, and my canopy corners

Box 2: another PS pump, 3-4 more birfs, more fluids, more hoses, another belt, brake hard lines, torque wrench, pitman arm, pullers and other "major" tools

Other: two rear d-shafts, tie rod, 2 5-gal fuel cans, 2 leaf packs, 10x20 canopy poles, t-case

Storage 1: nuts/locks/flats/bolts in one container, 2nd one contains battery connections, bulbs, and a pile of other misc stuff I've replace at one time in the past and felt a spare was needed somewhere.

Storage 2: welded center diff, 2 long side inner fronts, 1-2 short side inner fronts, rear shafts, more oil, air filter, tarps, drag link...

off the top of my head....probably forgot a handful of things. Thus far, almost everything has proved useful to someone....
Jun 10, 2003
Mooresville, NC -- Lake Norman
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Oh yea, wife, dog, twins, etc! Well, I see you have used the fuzzy blanket at least once :D

you mean for the dog
Sep 17, 2003
Edmond, OK
Wow!! You think you're a "skinny packer" :eek: Check out my kit for Buddy my FJ40:

In my recovery box: 3 D-shackles, tree saver strap, winch remote, snatch block, 30' 5/16" chain, gloves, couple 1" ratchet straps, 12v spot light.

Under seat tool box: Jumper cables, 4-way lug wrench, 2"x30 tow strap, first aid kit, leather gloves & Mechanix gloves, duck tape, bailing wire.

20" metal Tool box: Nearly every tool needed to maintain my rig on the trail so far. Multi-meter, Bertha the pry bar, etc.

Glove box: Spare handheld CB, Garmin GPS III+, fuses, bulbs, Taco Bell napkins :D, pen & paper.

Fire extinguisher mounted to roll bar & Hi-lift strapped to roll bar inside(for now), bucket of Bostic hand cleaner wipes, Ramsey Pro Plus 8000 winch up front.

Now, let me say that I usually don't travel very far to wheel, maybe about 350 or so miles one way max, and I don't stay much longer than over the weekend. I don't wheel Buddy very hard either. I run on 3+ or 4 rated trails and always keep in mind that I have to drive him back home. If I do go on longer trips and stay longer I take some spares, but mostly just small stuff like belts, hoses, fuel filter, fluids/greases, etc.

I am definitely a minimalist. But, I've never been stranded by Buddy. I take exceptional care of him and exceptional care to not break him. ;)


Oh jeeze!! I can't believe I left out my Outback Air CO[sub]2[/sub] system! :D


Feb 7, 2003
in the back of the 40 now.
spare tire for trailer
a couple quarts of suzuki pre mix coolant
one quart suzuki motor oil
male end of trailer reciever (with 1 7/8" ball)
couple of bungies
bag of straps with a couple of clevis's

and of course the rear heater :flipoff2:
and it's raining so a puddle or two and a couple of leaves....
Apr 24, 2003
Bag 2: tools...thus far, every tool required to disassemble and reassemble the rig is in there, including wiring repairs. Has yet to let me down.

can someone please give me a complete list of these tools. i'm slowly collecting tools and would like to know what i still require before i need it.

as comprehensive as you can be if you don't mind. like socket sizes, wrench sizes, open ended or not etc. of course don't do this if it's a hastle

Jun 13, 2003
This is not even ant attempt at a full tool list but it is what I can think of right now. Not all of this is for the trails but for general use also:

ball peen hammer
dead blow hammer
1 small vise grip
2 med vise grips
3/8 sockets 8-19
1/2 sockets 10 ish -24
extra rachets
extensions in both sizes
swivels in both sizes
wrenches 7-27 (no need for 15,18,23,25)
double wrenches in 12,14, 17,19
big ass adj wrench
med ass adj wrench
1/2 breaker bar
pipe that will fit over most wrenches to use for leverage
asst cold chisels
asst phillips/straight screwdrivers
pry bar
pickle fork
jack stands
pliers:side cutters, open, linesman, adj,needle nose
snap ring pliers
wire strippers
wire crimpers
fish scale
torque wrench
test probe
drill and bits
files flat and round

I am sure I left a lot off this list and each list will be different. There seems to be 2 schools of thought on what to bring. Some people bring just the essentials and hope for the best. Others bring everything you can think of.It is impossible to have everything you will need in all situations. I sort of bring all that will fit.


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Mar 27, 2003
Land Cruiser Heritage Museum broom closet
Add 13,15 and 18mm wrenches to the list if you have a 1FZ with a blower, or if any fasteners have been replaced with "oddball" head sizes.
Mar 27, 2003
I carry a cut down version of David's list. One think to add, based on some experience this weekend, that is VERY helpful is a florescent work lamp on a long power cord. Fuel pump was toast on rig right at the end of the trail :doh: and getting dark. After 3hrs, it was great to have a work light vs doing it all with flashlights.

I use a 120V version with a 400W inverter.

Cheers, Hugh
Dec 23, 2002
good list dd113...

suggest adding a hub socket (what is that, 52 mm ?), a magnet on a telescoping rod and a couple of small picks.

I also find a 10mm tubing wrench to be especially useful.


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
My entire tool bag is pretty packed, but when you spread it out it doesn't look lke much...

Need to clean it inside, probably tomorrow night...will take a pic of what falls out :D
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
[quote author=TRT2 link=board=14;threadid=5893;start=msg47852#msg47852 date=1065457649]
good list dd113...

suggest adding a hub socket (what is that, 52 mm ?), [/quote]
The SOR stamped steel ones make good trail units, for shop use I plan on buying the craftsman equivalent. With one use the hole is already beginning to round out a little.


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Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
In the Back of the BJ40

Green Plastic Box
Recovery Equipment
Torque Wrench
Vacuum Flask
Car Wash Stuff
Brake Fluid
50mm Tow Ball

Tool Box
SupaTool 201 Piece
And heaps of other Tools

Shovel - Post Hole

Glove Box
Sun Glasses
Engine Manual
Body manual
Kasey Chambers :-* - The Captain(On Cassette)
Rubber Bits - Adjuster Hole Grommets, Bleeder Nipple Covers and Ball Joint Boots.
Apr 2, 2003
I oughta get some gear in my cruiser I guess cause this is it:

Some pennies in the center console
sample reel of floss
CDs for tunes
Bag of bolts for my hardtop which is on, I just never got around to putting them all in.
couple a receipts from the grocery store
I do have some maps in the glove box & some extra brake and clutch pads.

I used to have more gear in my last 40, but I only used it to pull out other vehicles. I have to admit though. A couple of times, while alone and testing the limits, I've had to walk home in the mud and rain.

Now that I'm older and wiser, maybe I ought to get some stuff
(I guess I'm just older. If I was wiser, I'd already have the stuff)
Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
[quote author=CruisinGA link=board=14;threadid=5893;start=msg48013#msg48013 date=1065484724]
The SOR stamped steel ones make good trail units, for shop use I plan on buying the craftsman equivalent. With one use the hole is already beginning to round out a little.

CDan has really good deals on factory Toyota sockets for the smart shopper....

Mines already paid for itself.


Getting a list together to add, including tools.

Bad R Au...Check out this month's Australian 4WD Monthly Magazine. It has a good article on "long trip" tool kits.


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