what's better, a 2F or a 3F?

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Better how and for what?

Wow, that's a deep question.

Each engine came in a different 60 series wagon.

Each wagon has it's own "flavor" based on transmission choices.

The FJ60 ran the carb'ed 2F a manual transmission and has more of a rugged feeling to it.

The FJ62 ran the 3FE from the factory with an automatic transmission, which some folks find sluggish.

I love my FJ60 for many reasons, but enjoy it's simplicity the most.

Search this site, read, read some more, drive a few wagons and make your own choice.

You said 3F without the "E", right? That would mean non fuel injected 3FE. Both engines are similar with the 2F having a longer stroke making it feel more torquey than the 3F...
they are both fine motors, must love the 2f combo with the 5 speed. but then again fuel injection(3fe) and a 5 speed makes for a great combo to:D
The 2F is a long stoke engine that hits its torque peak around 1,800 RPM. My understanding is the 3F is closer to "square" and revs higher for more horsepower power. It hits its torque peak at 3,000 RPM. Along with its higer revs, the 3f is fuel injected. The 3F should be a better highway cruising engine. For offroading and grunting up steep mountain grades, that 2F works real good. With the 2F I find myself not downshifting out of turns on mountain trails; the 2F seems to have an endless capacity for lugging up grades at 1,800 RPM. This being said, my pushrods are probably all bent like Italian breadsticks!!!
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To me, I think the 3FE is really a fuel injected 2F, with many of the same characteristics. SO the real decision is, do you want to stay with a carb, or go with fuel injection. The fuel injection does get you a bit more power, and a complex wiring problem to solve.

I have a 3FE sitting in the garage waiting for a truck to put it in.
I think my choice will be a 2FE
really when a 3fe motor is desmogged, its elementry to work on:beer:

Interested in this. Will it still run with no error codes and such without the EGR and airpump?
2F-E Desmogged and Turbo'd Is my bag:grinpimp:
Surprisingly until you examine it, the 2F actually lives better at higher RPM than the 3F. Short rods and short bore combine to create fatal side loading on the piston skirts at RPMs where the 2F rod bolts are still surviving.

The 2FE is the motor that Toyota really should have made.

The 2FE is the motor that Toyota really should have made.

The 3FE was just a quick fix to suit the USA markets emission laws it never even hit the Oz market till 1990-1992
there's a small difference between 2f and 3f(e) - about 200cmc :) and if you don't live on the southern hemisphere, stay on 2F - you'll find parts for it.
for my FJ62V 3F carb I'm looking for quite a while for some gaskets... :(

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