What's An Iron Pig Anyway?

Dec 4, 2002
I named my rig that when I drug it of the hill in Tennessee. It was 'ol iron in it's best form but a bit rough. I've since learned or have gotten the impression this name applies to another Toyota vehicle. Do I need to change my username to avoid offending some fellow Toyota owner's? The name hardly applies now since mine is rebuilt and painted Ford "Wild Cherry Red". I've thought about calling it "Wild Cherry" but all these gay guys in Florida may get the wrong idea :eek:
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
Someone ought to tell them that over on the Pirate board: they describe their Landcruiser BB as "Toyota Land Cruiser Talk:Tech Talk for the Iron Pig."

But I agree that "Iron Pig" among affectionos refers to the FJ55.

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