whats a good price on a 93 80

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Apr 24, 2008
Conway, SC
I saw a 93 80 in Myrtle for sale. It still has some work before they will sell it. It doesn't have electric lockers, but it does have leather and the third row seating. They want 6000 for it . I'm not sure of the mileage yet... I'm thinking of selling the cherokee...maybe... not sure.... don't want to... love it...:eek: What should I offer?
Check out the one that was just posted for $3800. It's in Mt. P. If you want, I can stop by and take a look at it.
for 6k id get a fzj-80
There is a really nice looking Lexus LX450 on Hwy17 down near towards south of town at Windham Motors...used to be Viking...before you get to Lowcountry 4x4 on right. I am sure it is close to $10-13k though
i paid less then 6k for mine the way its sits
oh its running just small issues already clocked 200+ milessince easter
nice....glad to see it is on road again. i dont drive by as much as before and notice it sitting in front yard with no plates on it....at least I thought that was your 80 on cut through between North Rhett and Rivers....??
naa that was some 4runner but you were a stones throw from were i reside now
I bought a white fzj80 with factory lockers from Myrlte Beach last fall with 232,000 miles for $2000.00 and drove it to charleston that same day. The guy was asking, if i remember right $3800.00, it was a rough rig with all the common 80 problems(multiple oil leaks, diff lock actuators inop, power seats inop, exaust system falling off) Was stated to be from Arizona(no rust) but it has rust in areas that are known to be from the Northern area.
All that said, it has turned out to be a decent rig with a lot of TLC and alot of MONEY$$$ to get straightened out.
That's really strange...I just bought that one for 3500 and it has 232,000 miles. I couldn't get the lockers to activate though. How much did it cost to fix the lockers if i may ask. Everything else seems to work on it though. The windows go up kind of slow but I haven't found any rust...yet.

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