what's a blue fan clutch cost?

Mar 26, 2004
Omaha, Ne
If I order from CDan what would the approxomate cost be? Feel free to PM me on this since we may not want to post prices someone might read about 3 years from now.
I tested my fan clutch using the string method and it broke progressively heavier strings. I couldn't find anyone willing to trim their nails trying to hold onto the fan. I still think the original fan clutch is in there at 150,000 miles and even though it seems stout I am guessing its not working the best.
I can't detect any overheating and the a/c is ice cold but I think the engine may be running a bit hot since I seem to be getting what appears to be preignition under light loads at low speed. Same problem as many others on this forum. No problem in temps below 50 degrees.
Installed one step cooler spark plugs, coolant has been flushed and filled and the engine was professionally decarbed and I also ran redline fuel treatment thru a couple of tanks. I don't notice any loud fan noises but I also don't hear the fan clutch engaging and disengaging.
The engine runs great in cold/cool weather but performance drops off progressively with warmer temps without a/c running but still runs pretty strong. Cold weather performance is just noticeably better which is to be expected, I guess.
Trying everything to get rid of the preignition noise.:mad:IKM!


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Oct 20, 2006
Gainesville, FL
Yes but the viscosity is estimated to be approx 3k cst and the higher viscosity fluid provides a more 'complete' engagement when the valves in the clutch open at high temps.

There is an extensive thread on the whole issue.

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