What years got longer axle shafts?

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Nov 28, 2006
Leesport, PA
I am collecting any and all data concerning a real part time swap. I want to make sure I know which front axle shafts I have, the earlier shorter ones or the later longer ones? I have a 94 and I believed the 91-93 got the shorter ones, with 94 and up getting the longer ones. But, I have read that they might have switched halfway through 94. Would the easiest way to determine this be to measure my drive plate thickness? If so, can someone post up what size they should be? Thanks, this will help me in determining for myself if I can run aisin hubs and not risk having the birf walk in and out, causing birf and axle seal damage.
I believe you are refering to the length of the birfield. The change took place in April 1994 production.

The early flange is 26mm tall and the later flange is 33.5mm tall.

The later birfield is ~176mm long from the bushing contact surface to the tip.

I do not have an early one to measure but it's probably safe to assume that it would be ~168.5mm.

thanks cdan, I will check my mfr date, which I am assuming is on the door tag.

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