What year is this FJ40????

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Saw a 40 in the junkyard today, pretty well picked over but wondered what year it is- the ID plates were not in place. F engine, the distributor vacuum connection is a steel line. Dash mounted transfer case shifters, tranny 3 speed on the column. Split bench seat with toolbox under the driver seat. Turn signal switch is below the dash, dimmer switch on the floor. Straight sides on the hardtop (non-corrugated). Individual switches for the two heater fans. Smog pump mounted high on the passenger side. alternator is on the driver side. Orange fan blade (non- clutch type of course). Color is dark green for what that's worth. Fuse panel mounted on the driver side of the firewall to the left of the inside heater box. Master cylinders are single units and brakes are not power assisted. What year might this be? I'm guessing 68 or 69. Shmukster
its a '69,

You can confirm my prognostication by admiring the rectangular front turn signals.
Smog pump? :confused: On a 68 or 69?
When I got my 71 it had everything that you described.
My 9/69 Reg. as a 70 sounds like your description.
68 would have been the year with the smog pump.

Last year with the round front turn signals.

Last year with the 8mm driveshaft bolts.

Dash mounted transfer case shifters

68 had a padded dash and shifter was under the dash not on it. If the shifter is on the dash I would guess 66 or 67. Maybe a later 65 except for the smog pump.:hmm: Like Mark posted the smog pump started with the 68 so who knows.
sounds like ...

a 68 to me. my 1/69 has most of those descriptors, but then there has been significant midifications over time. if you see it again, just peek at the seriel number, and end the speculation. Was it for sale??

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