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Feb 20, 2003
Upstate NY
I need some help evaluating a rig (yes, again). Here are the details I have at this point -

- 1974 FJ40
- Ford 302 (mileage unknown)
- Stock tranny and tcase (both rebuilt, 200 miles since rebuild)
- Holey 650 carb
- Power steering
- Front Disk brakes
- Mild suspension lift to clear 33s
- 33" Bridgestone Dueler MTs, ~75% tread
- Original rear jumpseats
- Hard top
- Full, tub mounted roll bar
- Body is rough - some minor rust bubbles, minor dings and dents. Nothing major, nothing a little time and TLC couldn't fix
- cracked driver's side window (may be repaired before purchase)
- cracked windshield (may be repaired before purchase)
- whine in tranny or t-case (currently being looked at by a mechanic).

Starts right up, runs well drives well, doesn't burn or leak any fluids. All electricals work (gauges, lights, heat, etc.). Floor boards, bed, rear corners all in good shape - diamond plate along the rockers and bottom of rear corners to hide wear and minor rust.

He's asking $4000 for it. He also has a custom soft top from Specter for $500 (seems a bit steep for a soft top).

He's still checking a few things (mileage, suspenion gear, etc.) with the previous owner. He's accumulated 5 cruisers over the past couple of years and is now selling all but one that is going to be his project.

I'd be buying it as a second vehicle (i.e. not a daily driver), so it wouldn't have to be in DD type shape. I would hope to drive it basically as is (maybe replace the tranny with an 4speed auto), then next summer SOA, assuming the engine holds up.

pics -






seems a little steep to me considering the engine swap out and the condition. I've seen them in better cosmetic condition before with original engine for the same or less money. But thats just my opinion. Its hard to find a good one thats affordable though so I guess you have to go after what is most important to you.
I think that $3000 - $4000 would be a fair price. The body isn't all that, but if it's in good shape mechanically I think it's worth about 3k. That's what I'd pay for it in my neck of the woods, but that's also just my area. Just my 2 pennies.
Guess its not the same Ford 302, but my friends '94 Ford F150 is EFI, and after he put some mild headers, and straight pipes after-cat on it, he has has idle and fuel problems ever since. Gets horrible mileage, (worse than my stock '74 FJ40) and idles anywhere from 500 to 1500 rpm. Engine has taken a crapload of a beating though. Guess I just like the Toyota engines... If it was all original I would pay that. My all original '74 was $6250, but there isn't much to pick from in GA. :mad:
Here's why I'm interested...
  • it's cheap enough so that I could buy it without having to sell my 4runner.  That means that I could repair/mod it as time and money allow - it wouldn't have to be kept in daily driver type condition.
  • the 4wd works well, it's got a mild lift and 33" mud tires, so I'm not losing trail capability with it compared to my 4runner.  The sfa and 33" MTs will probably give me a bit more trail ability
  • The engine/tranny/tcase all sound as if they are pretty solid.  So I won't have to put any significant money into it just to keep it on the trail.  I can save my money for SOA, lockers, a better, bigger V8, an auto tranny, etc.
  • body is solid, but worn - i.e. good enough to keep me dry, safe, and warm, but has some "character", and a little trail damage won't be a big deal.

Once I get a few more questions answered, I'm thinking about offering him $3500 for it. It's going to cost me between $600 and $700 to have it shipped to me. Then, after some misc fees and costs and such (titling/insuring, bikini top, seat covers), I should be able to have it on the trail for ~$5000.
As the dog in the front seat says, "Ruff Ruff." And having grown up in a Ford family, let's just say I'm not a fan--I'd rather have the original F in it! I would try to low-ball him at $3K--claim poverty and the high cost of transporting it.

However, it sounds like you're focussing on this truck without considering other options. I think you could do better in that price range. Also, if your target price is $5K to get something on the trail, why not look for something in that range?
I say too much.
If you can't get it for $3000 walk away and keep looking.
The whine in the tranny or transfer bothers me a little. I mean, just how many corners did the guy cut? A whine could be a simple thing, but it could also mean the "rebuilds" were a little casual.

So I would wonder a little about how well the other mods were done, Saginaw especially.

Still, if he fixes the whine and the glass then for 3000-3500 it would sell here in Missoula I'm sure. And just think, you'd have a Cruiser instead of a . . . :eek:
Oh yeah, and not to mention the sh*tty paint job. What'd he go and do that for? He got a problem with the smurf, or is he covering up a heck of a lot of bondo (I mean, bondo where there isn't diamond plate).

Now I'm thinking $2,500 . . . .
The other prob is having the ford running gear in it,because that is not as common as the chey parts so was a lot of this totally homade to convert it.This is why CHEVY rules the landcruiser market in my opion ( lots of parts out there for them)
$3000.00 tops if the frame tub and top are in fairly solid rust free condition and it runs and drives well. It would be worth more with an F or a 2F. The ford 302 isnt a bad engine just not as desirable as a chevy. When they are running good can be a very nice drive. Parts for ford 302's really arent a problem there are still alot of them around. :beer:
I don't know if you have or not, but I live about 15 miles from this guy and I have been out to see his cruisers for sale. This one is in good shape. The 302 swapt is very clean, but if I remember right, he had the air cleaner laying in the front seat and the carb just sitting open, but under the hood. The front hoop just welded onto a stock bar. If you have any other ?'s email me.
i would say 2500-3000 and make shure you wont have any problems getting it inspected.i'm not a ford man myself but as long as there is no rust on the rear header and frame it looks ok :beer:

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