What would you do if you won the lottery

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Lets see its 300 million. You would take home around 200 or so million.

What now?

I would pay off all our debts.
give my father 10 million to run the company or sell it or do with how he wishes.
5 million to my brother.

Beccas parents don't need any money. SO I'm goo there.

Sell the house.

Buy a place out near capt jim, david, alan. Have 500 acres. Build a nice sensable log home with a view. Build a 100k sqft building to house all the cruiser parts that I will find on my travels all over the world. Stock them an sell them out at a small margin and free shipping. Club member would have access to the 10 bay with lifts and a set of snapon tools to go with each bay. Have all the latest stuff like a cnc machine, lathes and mills. A couple paint booths and a powdercoat room as well as a setup for dipping frames and plating system. Welders arc mig tig gas plasma, a complete line of metal tools for bending any kind of steel. A staff of machinist that can make these crazy ideas I come up with.

Then build a trail throughout the land that will have specefic chalanges created to challege anyone wanting to go. Host sanctioned TLCA events there and live there with my family and my 20 cruiser.

THen I would probably give my closest friends a million each and with whats left over diversify though bonds stocks cd's ira's and just live off the interest. And grow the business through trips overseas to buy more cruiser stuff bring it back and sell it.
I have many dreams but one thing I heard on the radio today really made me think. If you do the full jackpot over time (300M pretax) versus the instant payout (166M pretax) you get $10,000 A WEEK. :eek:

I likie your plan. Can I run the CNC operation when you win? :D
Wow sounds like you have been thinking abou this a little while :)

Your ideas sound good. But I would do some stuff for kids (Youth groups that kind of stuff) Maybe a camp and 4x4 park, seperately. Wife would want to work an orphanage into thast somewhere.

I would also set everything up so my family would never be in need for generations.

Oh and I would buy the following:
fj45 short bed or long bed either/or but with removable top
82 or 83 fj40 mostly stock with PS and AC
hj61 (with the orange disco stripes) from Japan w/LHD conversion

Then I would buy and give away the following.
1955 Chevy Wagon - Wife for a family car
1967 Chevelle SS 396 - to my step dad
Supra TT - My best friend Russell
Some type of Mustang - My best friend Michael

I would also agree with the giving away a million each to close friends and family.
Then living off the intrest working @ my own job with my own company having to do with automobiles in some sort as well as kids. (But not necc. together.)
I would become philanthropist :D......... seriously though, I think it would suck to win the lottery all the bagage it brings and also having all that money and being able to buy what ever you desire seems it would take the fun out life, earning what you have is probaly one of the most satisfying things...... I always been of the mind that the simple pleasures in life are the best :cheers:

but if I did win the lottery, i would probaly design a bunch of contemporary/modern homes, the type I drool over in my architecture books, indifferent exotic locations thru out the world for me and my family......... and payoff my parents home/bills, give to charity, blah blah blah :D

it will never happen though since i never play the lottery :doh:....... but I am rooting for you Marshall :D
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Winning the lottery would not suck it would be the most awesome thing ever. If I won it I'd buy a secluded Mt and a golf course and retire to play golf and work on cruisers. I'd make landpimps cruiser collection look small.
I just believe there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing"......... but that is just me, I have never desired fame or fortune, I just want to be comfortable in life :D
I would have me a nice house on Jocassee, a ranch in Montana with a couple hundred acres and a nice area in the Carolinas to offroad. Not to mention one of every type of Land Cruiser ever made. Which reminds me I better go buy my ticket for the big 365 million Saturday jackpot... :grinpimp: :beer:
saw this qoute in another mudders profile.....seemed it was custom fit for this thread

"The measure of a man is not how much it takes to make him happy, but how little"
I've heard somewhere that most people who win the lottery go bankrupt within 5 years or something like that... I wouldn't want 300 mil... I think i'd be set with 1 or 2... more than i'd really know what to do with anyways. I'd re-restore my cruiser, buy a 2005 F-250 diesel, a 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec Z-tune, my parents a new house, myself a lot of land with a house on it, and call it quits.
Not sure I follow the logic.

Don't want 300, but want 1 or 2...

Assuming all units are of equal measure, I am at a loss.

Though this ride would be insane: 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec Z-tune

Let me know when you have one. I have some Supra buddies that would drool...
To answer the question, I'd be down with some serious philanthropy!
haha... the units weren't the same. that wasn't 100 or 200, that was 1 or 2, like 1,000,000. And yes, Z-tunes are sick-nasty. While I was in advance today getting a new starter I saw an article in Sport Compact where a guy in a GT-R races a boeing 747 from LA to Las Vegas... I think the skyline won... but I didn't have time to really read the whole thing.

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