what would make grease smell like roasted anaheim peppers


Mar 9, 2004
Imperial Valley, CA
well, i did the wheel bearings last weekend and i've been wondering about the smell of the grease that came out. i have no idea what type or brand it was but i could see that there was some yellow grease (poss original) mixed in. the odd thing was it had a smell of roasted/burnt aneheim peppers. they are also known as new mexican peppers i think. one of my favorite peppers but not good for packing bearings. i'm wondering if the PO had it packed with moly in stead of MP. or maybe a different soap type than the original grease.

anyone here ever smell something like that?

i forgot a rag or two and it stunk up the garage the whole week. we had a ball making fun of the previouse wrench with things like, "well, the aneheim has more load bearing capability than your basic jalapeno but for extended service you'll want the habanero."

so what about that smell?
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