What would be a fair or realistic asking price for our 2001 lx470 (1 Viewer)

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2001 gray Lx470 with 231,000 miles.

Purchased as 3rd owner in Feb 2020 for $7,500. It's my wife's daily driver but she wants to sell because we've had some issues and she is about to start commuting a lot.
We have put an additional $5,000 plus in repairs and maintenance into it since purchasing.
Transmission failed at 213,000. Replaced with a 98 model donor that had 158K
No issues since
Did timing belt water pump, plugs, thermostat, heater tees, fuel filter, belt and hoses at 216K
Recently had both inner tie rods and one outer tie rod replaced as well as front brakes and an alignment done in effort to address an isolated one time incident where the abs or vsc system may have caused a sudden swerve while we were driving on the highway.
Issue has not returned.
Today my wife had a crank but no start issue which I believe may be the efi fuse issue but not sure.
She's over us putting money into it. I kind of am as well.
I understand it's a 20 year old vehicle and I expected to put some money into it but $5k plus worth of repairs and maintenance in 14 months and now a new no start issue. It's too much.
That said, the truck is in really nice shape inside and out for its age. It was owned by a doctor here in town and while some service history was lacking i.e. timing belt service record it's just immediately obvious when you look it over that is has been cared for.
So with the the info concerning condition, issues, maintenance and repairs done what would you ask for a 2001 Lx470 that you had close to $13,000 in?
May 20, 2016
La Mirada, ca
Sell it for whatever you can just not someone on this forum. All joking statements aside, it’s unrealistic that you will get all your maintenance back so if you got it for 7500 and have 13500 in it maybe with this market 15000. If 13000 is total investment maybe 75% of that
Jun 19, 2013
Mobile, AL
It appears you have had unusually bad luck with your LC. Not only have you already eaten the unusually high maintenance costs (at least to me) you unfortunately encountered but you will probably eat a decent loss trying to sell it. I know you have decided to sell but it looks to me that you are in a situation where it would be cheaper to keep her (the LC) and keep driving it than replacing it. If you are good with taking a hefty haircut and moving on, then thats what you might be in for.
Apr 16, 2019
I think $13 is a reasonable starting point if it is rust free.

The issues you have had (outside the transmission) don't sound too unusual for 100s.
Jan 8, 2012
These trucks require an amount of maintenance, problem is if neglected/deferred issues don’t go away. I have had my LC for 18 years - 320k, some years $0 expense other than oil/fuel. Maybe $6k -7k total in parts (steering rack, brakes, front suspension, a/c, alternator, starter (2) 2 TB changes (#3 coming soon), muffler, EFI fuse bypass, radiator (2). Springs, CV’s, Front diff swapped (but my fault for snagging diff seal and not catching it in time). All DIY (except first TB).
I think 2001 had more transmission issues than earlier trucks, sorry to hear.

What will be the replacement? You have spent $$$ I would give it a few thousand miles before taking a loss.
Feb 16, 2011
Eastern, OR
Depends on rust and location. But I haven't seen a decent 100 go for under $12k in quite a while. I would probably try for $13500 and see what happens.


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Feb 6, 2020
If the globes are original, you may want to consider replacing them. Either pay the $1k now or be faced with a $3-4k hit on inspection from any interested party that knows a thing or two about AHC. For savvy shoppers, new globes are a high value item.
Jan 10, 2018
Would really need pictures to put a price on it. Are you asking about value with the current no start issue? Because in that case I would say 5k or so. One with immaculate service history, brand new full leather interior, updated pioneer headunit, and garage kept just sold here in Texas for 11k and it took him a month or so to move it.

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