What was the stock Diff ratio for a 77 Cruiser?

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
I found a link the said look for the engine plate with the code. My engine has been replaced and I can not find a plate in the engine compartment. I see from the chart that for a 77 either the 4.11 or 4.88 was available. What was stock? I currently have 30 inch tires. I am think of changing to 32" or 33" tires to improve the highway ride. My mechanic said this is a better bang for the buck than spending $1500 to $2000 to regear the differential.

In searching the archives I see some have used 33" tires without a lift kit using 9,5" widths, My rear qtr panels are cut high for bushwakers. Any advise on 32" vs. 33" tires w/o a lift are appreciated.
hey, if i can just butt in here... when somebody is telling him his gear ratio, can you tell me mine? lol
i'm rollin in a 73, thanks in advance guys
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My mechanic confirmed the 4.11 - Thanks!

He also said I had a 2 inch lift installed but cautioned against going with the 33inch tires. He has an fJ40 and runs 32" x 10.5" He said an bigger would hurt the performance.
4:88's were NEVER an option or standard on US Cruisers, AFAIK no place else either.

77 and before was 4.11's, 78 was 4.11 with fine spline(I think) 79-87 was 3.70's, 88-90 was 4.10, 91+ was 4:11, 98+ 4.36???(not sure)

depending on how much the suspension as saged 33x9.5's will fit. 33's will make highway drivng much more enjoyable, better top end, should be able to cruise at 65mph very comfortable. IMOP 33's will not hurt the performance of a 2f in good condition, yeah off road it will sufer a bit(will not go as slow) but anyplace else they will be great. Both my 82's with 3;70 and 33's have PLENTY of power, I never have to down shift on hills, I can go from 40 to 70mph even on a hill. With 4:10's it would/should be even better.

pic of 33x9.5 on a stock 40

pic of 33x9.5's on a 2.5 OME suspension

Thanks for the info. How about driving on the highway during the colorado winter? I know that Jeeps, even when going slow in 4 wheel drive can loose traction due to the short wheel base. I would think bigger tires on a cruiser would creat the same problem.
wide tires are the problem...stick with a 33x10.5 or a 31x10.5 and that will help, plus get the center lugs siped (NOT grooved!) or run a AT-type tire. Also, your ability to "back off" the gas during a situation is critical....I saved quite a few potential problems with some cautious throttle use.
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Nice pizza cutters, John.

I must be getting old........... I like the pizza cutters, even in a AT. they just drive so nice. Hey I'm not gonna fool anyone, I'm not wheeling(hard) the 82's.....:)

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