What turbo kits are best for 100 series GX.R?

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Nov 12, 2017
Ras Al Khaimah
im thinking of transforming my land cruiser to a sleeper. While I have done searching a lot about turbos compatible with 1fe-fz, I haven’t had enough satisfactory results.
So please guys, help me up with this.

What turbocharger kits are good for 1fe-fz, and what other stuff should I be doing in order to get the max outta the engine?
Take a look at AVO turbos.

As Trunk Monkey highlighted, like other US trucks I have the 2UZ-FE engine and Slee put an AVO on my truck.

Appears the kit still on a shadow avo site (perhaps not current) :AVO Turboworld LLC : Turbo Kit [Landcruiser 4.7-liter] [LANDCRUISER4-7] - $8,799.00

Their copy for the $8800 kit :
"AVO ball-bearing turbocharger kit for the 4.7-liter Toyota Landcruiser has been designed for and tested under the harshest of conditions in some of the most inhospitable parts of the world. Our special alloy cast manifold was created for this purpose and is virtually uncrackable, even after being subjected to massive abuse running it at top speed through the deserts of Dubai for hours at end, reaching temperatures of over 1100 degrees celcius. Along with the ECU, turbocharger and cast alloy intake manifold, there is a huge bar and plate front mount intercooler included in this kit along with all the necessary hoses and fittings. Fuel pump and other extra hardware is included as well. "

Good success
I'm surprised there arent more threads and posts about the AVO turbo for the 2UZ. I love my 100 and it is by far the best vehicle I've driven but I wish it had just a little more high RPM punch. The turbo is very intriguing and the dyno graph on the Slee site shows great gains but its hard to find much discussion out there on it. Would love to hear some thoughts from people who have had it installed.

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