What turbo do I have ?

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Apr 3, 2004
It looks like I am losing a turbo seal on 82 3B engine. The turbo is a non wastegated Rotomaster TO4 BRM10, part # 1040-14, there is a stamped # on the casing 104295 st

I cannot find a web site for the rotomaster and I have been looking for a second one for my other BJ42, To me it looks like the housings on the T04 are all the same, so I assume that the defferent models all have different guts and perforamances, Would any TO4 work on my 3B ? I just need something from a 2.5 L + or - gasser ?
Just call a turbo shop in your area, give them the part number and they should be able to figure out what you need. Why get a second turbo? Just rebuild that one. A spare for later in 100k kms? Once you fix it up, your good for a long time.

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